Monitoring DRBD status (draft)

You surely thought should I always check DRBD status by reading the bunch of line provided by:

cat /proc/drbd

DRBD monitoring is a must doing so you can ensure you’re data is consistent and uptodate. I worked with DRBD 8.4 and tried to figure out something that check the whole DRBD status.

I mean the folloing by conserving the order:

  1. Split brain
  2. Connection status
  3. Ressource Role
  4. Disk status
  5. I/O status
  6. Performance

I’m no DRBD expert, I just tried think something logical to my monitoring would be efficient and include no redundant alarm. And yes, we, mathematicians, adore optimization šŸ™‚ :).

The flow of checks goes like in the following chart:

monitor drdbd logic

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