I’m a Mozilla Firefox user and I love it. One of the most awesome adds is Firebug. You can use it to debug your long time taking website or debug your JavaScript codes.

As for me, I used with clients. I get a lot of clients calls asking me why their sites are taking too much time to load. Almost all the time, the web server is well performing and the machine load is normal. But still the client won’t understand unless you show them “evidences”. And that’s what Firebug are for :D. It saves my life when at phone the client won’t believe in you LOL.

I run the site and Firebug at the same time:


Then I choose the net tab, all and look for the HTTP request/object taking too long to load. I point the cursor on and get the beautiful graphics breaking the time the query took into pieces of:

1- Horizontal and colorful graphics:


  • Blocking: The time that your environment takes to open a TCP connection
  • DNS lookup: The time name resolution takes,
  • Connecting: The time needed to establish a connection with the server. Here, you can notice the difference between having a keep alive connection and none.
  • Sending: Time needed to send the request to the web server,
  • Waiting:Time needed to receive the first byte/answer from the web server,
  • Receiving: Time needed to download the response/object from the server.

If the web server is taking too long to process your request then you should be able to spot it, just notice the “waiting time” value.

2-Vertical time lines:


The DomContentLoad and the load time. If you have some JavaScript code running on your website, these lines help you understand how JS events are fired.

This post: “Page load analysis” is a very good and detailed about Firebug and it goes with code simulation of many cases,

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